Mobile Broadband & Relationships

Mobile helps patients and healthcare providers

Mobile Broadband has helped tremendously with relationships. One of the relationships that mobile broadband has helped with is patients and health care providers. In the article, Ten Facts about Mobile Broadband it states that health care is everywhere whether its at a dentist office, doctor’s office, pharmacy, insurance companies, etc. To get the best healthcare patients go through a variety of providers. First, let’s discuss the Pharmacy. I currently work at Rite Aid Pharmacy and we have a system where we can notify the patient immediately when their prescription is ready. The process in doing this is very simple. Now that every body uses their cell phone our computers gives us the option to go to the patient’s profile, plug in their cell phone number and click the boxes that give up the option of sending them a txt message, phone call, or email when their prescription is complete. This was a smart way our company has built relationships with our patient’s because 90% of them are happy with this method. The reason their happy is because it eliminates the process of patient’s having to call the pharmacy and keep wondering if their prescription is ready of not.

Doctors offices have built relationships with their patients as well because while the patient is in the office the doctor will explain to them the medications they will be giving them for their treatment. The doctor then sends the prescription to the pharmacy that the patient goes to electronically through the computer. The pharmacy then receives the prescription and we are able to process the prescription and have it ready before the patient arrives. This process helps the doctor’s offices because it then leaves their patients happy. I’m sure anybody is happy with the faster service. This process also eliminates patients having to bring a hardcopy prescription to the pharmacy and then wait a long time for it to be completed.  Because of mobile broadband the pharmacy and doctors offices has gained relationships with their patients by satisfying them.  Mobile broadband should be taken advantage of in any company. I say this because their is so much people can do with their cell phones that would satisfy them as well as their providers. My job also has a website. If you currently get prescriptions at Rite Aid pharmacy their is an pharmacy app that can be downloaded to your phone that can be used at your convenience in managing your prescriptions. One thing the app allows customers to do is refill their prescriptions. If they currently have their prescription number they can just use their mobile device to type in their information and put in whatever medication they need a refill on. The app also access them to a 24 hour pharmacist. After hours it allows our customers to ask questions to a licensed pharmacist anytime they want. Mobile broadband has helped our company build great relationships with our customers and hopefully we can continue to do that.


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