Flash mobs and Relationships

Flash mobs are a group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity of short duration. A flash mob happens when nobody expects it so that it can catch the crowd by surprise. The group of people is usually like 10 or more people and most of the time their unusual entertainment is a song or dance.

Some people use a flash mob for relationship purposes. In an article I read called, “Heartwarming Lion King Whistler flashmob proposal” a man named Jared Lekkas proposed to his longtime girlfriend Sofie Obermüller. Jared tried to keep it a secret but somehow people started to hear about what he was going to do and showed up just to watch it all go down. At the very last song Jared came through the crowd found Sophia and took off his lion king costume and proposed. She said yes and was very emotional.

In another article I read called, “Home Depot Flash Mob Proposal Goes Viral” a man named Dustin Reeser went to Home Depot expecting to meet a roomate there but when he got there he was surprised to see down the aisle a party of people waiting for him.   Friends and family made surprise appearances in small groups, with some  attending  through video chat. To everybody’s surprise his boyfriend came out and proposed to him. He immediately said yes after a little speech was said.

As a lot of people are all for a flash mob proposal some people are against it. In the blog I read called, “No Flash Mobs Proposals, Please!” the writer made some good points why she would not prefer it. She states that every girl wants the ideal fairy tale ending but she just doesn’t think that all that effort is such a good idea sometimes. Her points were what if she said no; what then? This would be very embarrassing for the boyfriend because all his hard work an effort would be a waste of time and a huge embarrassment in front of tons of people. Her next point was,”what if she said yes but was not actually ready or willing to make that commitment?” this is a tricky one because temptation and pressure can force people to do things that they do not necessarily agree with. A female could say yes to save her boyfriend the disappointment and embarrassment but then later in their relationship resent him because she felt forced to say yes. The writer feels that just because it is true love do you have to be so elaborate about it? The writer thinks that a few honest words is better than a performance and band.

So my question to my followers is how would you feel about a flash mob proposal??? #foodforthought






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