The Relationship between Freedom of Expression in Entertainment

In class this week we learned about Freedom of Speech. “the right of the people to express their opinions publicly without government interference, subject to the law against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion.”

Now and days people are coming out with music all over the world. The question is should we be able to express whatever we want in our music? Should the government be allowed to have the authority to dictate to the citizens what we may or may not listen to? The relationship between freedom of expression and entertainment runs deep. In the 1980s a rap group existed called 2 Live Crew. The owner of this record was charged in the late 1980s with a criminal obscenity charge. The reason for the charge was against the song lyrics. (ACLU)

When making an album you are considered an artist. An artist has a unique imagination that is expressed in their music. That right there put our freedom of speech to test. “Freedom of expression for ourselves requires freedom of expression for others. It is at the very heart of our democracy (ACLU).” The main things that is targeted in our music is sex. Now sexual lyrics is allowed in music but people have the opportunity to ban it. For example, simple literature such as Mya Angelou’s, “I know why the caged bird sings was banned from public schools because of the literature. This means that to a certain extent sexual content can be suppressed but not censored.
People feel as though having explicit lyrics is a threat to our society. Listening to sexual or violent lyrics causes people to act in destructive ways. Test have been proven about these facts.

What is the cause-and-effect relationship? Studies have shown that children can watch a violent show. They will show violent behavior but will not show violent behavior towards another person. Arguments can never prove if violent tv shows cause people to act violent or if violent people like to watch violent shows. There are two things the government cannot do when it comes to freedom of expression. The first one is content neutrality, which means the government cannot limit expression no matter how bad the lyrics are. The second one is that, “expression may be restricted only if it will clearly cause direct and imminent harm to an important societal interest (ACLU).”

In my opinion, people know the difference between fiction and reality even children. It is going to be our own decisions we make. Lyrics to a song should not force us to do anything. I personally wouldn’t ban any music. You do not know an artist story or why they express themselves the way they do through music. Their music can relate to somebody in the world and it shouldn’t be banned or censored. If you do not think your child should listen to it then as a parent you handle it. As an adult after listening to music you control your actions simple as that.


Augmented Reality & Relationships

This week in class we discussed Augmented Reality which is “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device.” Merriam Webster

Augmented Reality impacts a lot of people around the world and their relationships.

How does augmented reality effect relationships?

Augmented reality can change your relationships a lot or not even change it at all. I read a blog called, “How Augmented reality effect relationships” and Baker discusses how the fact that we look through glass can affect how we act. I think this is so true because people can create the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend that they like. For instance, the program Second life allows us to create and avatar who in our mind we would like to be but not who we are in real life. By being this other person in another world it allows us to meet other people who are doing the same thing. Let’s say you are in a relationship but then you log into Second Life and you are in a relationship with somebody else that can be very damaging to your real life situation. Baker states, “that we can mistake our pretend relationships for our actual ones.”

Augmented reality for business

In this article I read called, “Augmented reality for Business” it explains how augmented reality affects its relationships with its customers. Augmented reality brings down that face to face experience that business usually get when people for instance come into a grocery store. Now because of that businesses have to be more creative with their approach for customer experience. The article states, “that you should keep things nice and simple for your customers.” It talks about, “if you’re a  sunglasses retailer, a virtual mirror can allow customers to “try on” a pair of frames and decide on the product that best suits.” As a customer I would think that it pretty cool because right from home or in the store I can virtually see how something will look on me. This is a smart way for businesses to stay successfully because customer needs are still being satisfied. It discusses how businesses should always make their applications easy to use.

Augmented Reality Can Change Teaching

In another article I read called, “How Augmented Reality Can Change Teaching” is states that, “Children that use this technology have remained focused on the task and have seemed more attentive to the lesson.” An example giving is how 3D can affect how a child learns. A child will pay more attention about a square when it is in virtual view and can be seen from all different angles as opposed to just on paper. Another example is reading, a child would have more of an impact from a story that has actual pop ups then a book that doesn’t. I agree with this because augmented reality can really be used effectively in our school system to help children learn.


How CMC affects Relationships

This week our main focus was Computer Mediated Communication. Which is any communication that occurs from computer mediated formats which are now considered mobile devices. There are many different types of CMC like social networking, electronic email, and SMS. These three main things affect relationships a lot.

Social Networking

I read an article called, Can Social Media Actually benefit Relationships and it discusses different networks and how people benefit from them. LinkedIn is a social network that helps people build professional relationships. Sometimes when you are looking for a job the manager will ask to view your LinkedIn page. This is helpful for your work relationship because your coworkers and manager can see your interest and expertise. You can also get linked to professionals and new job opportunities. Another top network is Twitter. The socially helps people build relationships with companies. There are over 500 companies that have twitter accounts. They get most of their feedback from people who respond through social networks than they do in person because some people say more stuff through via internet than they do in person. Facebook gives people the opportunity to keep relationships with friends and family. Facebook allows there users to post things on a timeline giving your friends and family a chance to stay updated with what’s going on in your life. This social network helps keep relationships strong because people can feel apart of what’s new in your life by just viewing your page.

Electronic Email

Electronic email has some pros and cons to relationships. Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Communication states that, “Electronic communication benefits people across the world by lending to them, the privilege to share televised pictures, conversations, graphics, circuits, and interactive software.” People can build memories from electronic email. This is because your messages can be stored on a disk or tapes for many years or you can have the choice in printing them out. That way you can look back on old conversations. The type of CMC also helps relationships with students and teachers. A professor can send an email to their students and within seconds the students can read it anytime and anywhere.


SMS plays a big role in romantic relationships. Couples Who Text Too Much Aren’t As In Love As They Want You To Think states that, “82% of young couples txt the person their in a relationship with multiple times through out the day. The main point that this article makes is that your relationship can have high quality by sending a lot of loving messages. When conflict arises the best method would be not to use messaging but to communicate face to face. Women are known to be the ones who send more messages, but when a male sends a lot of messages is makes relationships strong as well. So next time think about that when having an sms conversation.