Technology Determinism And Relationships

In class we learned that Technology determinism is the idea behind the theory that technology does things to us as a society or individual. What I want to touch base on is how technology really does a lot of things for our relationships in life. It helps our relationships progress, teach us things about our relationships, and make our relationships healthier.

How does technology make our relationships better?

Technology helps us stay connected with whom we care about. In the article Mediating Intimacy, it refers to how intimiate relationships used to start out with flowers, and love letters, but now the commonplace is the use of technology. If people are away from each other the main way to stay in contact is through internet. This is helpful because people are not limited to waiting for the mail to receive a love letter or a delivery of flowers thanks to technology they can contact their significant other instantly. Matchmaking and online dating is another method that a lot of people seem to be happy about. Being able to just chat online or send text messages through a mobile device hos been a technique that people have used to create dating. Technology is making an impact on our generation because it satisfies as important social and personal need to feel connected.

How does technology teach us things about our relationship?

Technology has mostly helped a lot of people who are involved with long distance relationships. I read a blog called my 5 Things my Online Long Distance Relationship has Taught Me. In this article she list 5 things and explanations about online dating. The 1st was, “If you’re looking for love you will find it where your passion lies.” This means that she had a passion for writing blogs and her boyfriend was her number one fan and they became a couple. The 2nd one was, “The best relationships start as friends.” A lot of people are able to relate to one another and do this by connecting through social media. Some people find it weird to connect with somebody just by talking through blogs or chatting on Facebook but other people love it.  The third one is, “Patience is a virtue.” Online dating requires the most patience. Technology taught this couple that If you can bring yourself to be patient and wait for each other, when the time comes that you are together, it will just be that much better.

How does technology make our relationship healthier?

I read an article called 9 Healthy Habits Open Relationships Can Teach Us. Technology can help with your relationship because you can simply go online and find articles such s this one. A few things I will list from the site are, “1. Hold on to your friendships-if you get involved with somebody stay true to your friends.” “2.  Keep being the individual you were before you got in the relationship-don’t let your significant other change you.” Here is just a glimpse of what technology can offer.




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