How Digital Divide affects Relationships

Digital divide is the gap between those people who have internet access and those who do not. Digital divide makes a difference in relationships of people who have the internet and people who do not.

In person relationship versus cyberspace relationship

In an article I read called, “The final Showdown” the author discusses the positives and negatives of cyberspace relationships. One of the positives was that when sending a message you are able to respond back at your own pace and whenever you want to. During these moments you are not pressured into a having to answer on the spot as opposed to being in person. A lot of people love this about having the internet because it gives a person the chance to think their thoughts through about how they feel before they respond. Some people feel as though they can express themselves better this way because they are thinking before communicating. The negative aspect behind this is how long it can take to receive a response.

Another positive aspect is that you can record your messages between one another. This allows people in a relationship to cherish moments when something sweet was said, or in another look you can use the messages to prove a point or remind somebody of what they said to you. Messaging gives people a little “comfort” zone. I say this because some people say stuff behind a screen that they would not say in person. This could go both ways and result in a good thing or even a bad.

In person the human voice is rich in meaning and emotion. Imagine if you did not have internet access, how would your relationship work out? My personal opinion is that it would be difficult but not bad. Instead of being able to talk to your significant other all day long you would have to wait until you got to a telephone to call. In a positive way you would cherish every moment you talked to each other because you do not know when you would have time to talk again. In a negative way if you do not have patience it would be hard to wait.

The article states that people cherish the voice of their loved one. Their voice can create feelings of joy and comfort. Another point is seeing is believing. We have all heard the expression actions speak louder than words. Seeing is believing the face and body language makes a big difference on how you understand people. Through the internet those cues are missing. In a relationship you want to be touched and visually see things and the internet just gets in the way of possibilities like that.

So this makes me wonder…..would your relationship survive without internet access?? #foodforthought

Click to access The_internet_and_relationship.pdf




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