HDTV combined with Relationships

Back in the day technology was rarely used. In today’s world it is used all the time. Technology plays a major role in relationships with your mate, friends, and family. With HDTV and IPTV relationships are not just limited to landline phones, or visiting one another’s home. It allows people to see, talk, and capture moments on the go.  In an article I read called, Internet Networking Benefits Relationships.” The article states that, ” the internet can be used to enhance your life (Daniells).” Using the internet can be beneficial but can also be dangerous and risky. For instance, a lot of people have seen the TV show “Catfish.” In this show the audience can see how people lie about their age, occupation, looks, etc. Basically goes to show how sometimes, finding relationships through the Internet is not so well. HDTV is involved with Catfish because it shows how web pages like face book, myspace, etc. went into a reality TV program. Audiences use and make sense of these changes by indulging more in the activity of trying to find true love online. But for other people its beneficial. A lot of college students search for love and on certain websites it limits you to being able to lie. For instance, if SU were to have a dating source online only students would be permitted because you would have to use you campus email and proof of being a student. This shows how HDTV moves with you between private and public.

The article states, “that the most healthiest relationships results from online and in person (Daniells).” Facts prove that by being connected over the internet that people are able to save time and money as oppose to going out an a physical date. Communicating repeatedly then brings intimacy. Another article I read was, .”How Our Digital Devices Are Affecting Our Personal Relationships.” The article says, “Technology has us so wound up in the digital world and were not present enough in reality.” Because of digital TV creating mobile devices people have complained about being in the same setting as somebody else but yet their face is buried into the screen of their cell phone. In this case it builds trust issues in relationships and lack of empathy is felt from our partners (Adler).”  Our mobile devices affect parents and children as well. “When parents pick up their children from school their so caught up in their mobile device that they don’t even pay any attention to their own children (Adler).” Children are just as bad at dinner tables, or while a parent is trying to talk to them they are soaked up in the internet on their phones or laptops. HDTV has tremendously affect on relationships and is continuously day by day increasing.




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