This week in class we learned about Rights and Privacy Acts. My personal opinion is that we have the right to privacy within each other. For example, between people mind your business, at work your boss doesn’t need to know if I have a Facebook or instagram, but when it comes to the government they have every right to listen to my conversation and keep me safe. So privacy plays major roles to a certain extent.

Privacy Between Professors and Students

All over the world there are a lot of parent teacher relationships. In an article I read called, “Faculty-Student Relationship” the policy behind this relationship lies in the foundation of the educational process. Teachers are always suppose to stay within a certain extent of their student. For instance, privacy should take place. A student could share personal information with a teacher but a teacher shouldn’t ask personal questions unless the situation is very serious. A teacher shouldn’t ask a student to be friends with them on Facebook or things that could lead to an inappropriate relationship between them. In the university school system student’s do not have much privacy from their professors when it comes to their demographics and grades. I feel as though our teachers are there to help us be successful in our careers the only people that should be able to look up our information is our professor who taught us or our advisor, the registrar office, etc. any other teacher is irrelevant. Why would they need to look anyway.

Privacy within the workplace

The next article I read called, “Privacy in the Workplace” discussed the concerns about privacy who is reading your email, internet access, etc. A lot of employees at work feel like they are constantly being watched. Jobs will put cameras up to watch their employees before putting cameras up to watch customers. As an employee we should have the right to privacy. my boss doesn’t need to see who I am talking texting on my phone or what I do on my social networks. Now in some cases social life can affect the work life. For instance, a bad relationship at home can affect how somebody acts at work. Or things from your personal life can come not your work area. In situations like that a boss may feel obligated for an explanation, but as an employee you can refuse. The boss then could tell you keep your work life separate or fire you but they should not violate your privacy.

In the act of privacy there’s pros and cons to each scenario. The world will constantly face problems when it comes to this but it is just something we will have to deal with. The world would just be a better place if people could understand the policy and learn what limits to stay beneath and which ones can be crossed



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