How CMC affects Relationships

This week our main focus was Computer Mediated Communication. Which is any communication that occurs from computer mediated formats which are now considered mobile devices. There are many different types of CMC like social networking, electronic email, and SMS. These three main things affect relationships a lot.

Social Networking

I read an article called, Can Social Media Actually benefit Relationships and it discusses different networks and how people benefit from them. LinkedIn is a social network that helps people build professional relationships. Sometimes when you are looking for a job the manager will ask to view your LinkedIn page. This is helpful for your work relationship because your coworkers and manager can see your interest and expertise. You can also get linked to professionals and new job opportunities. Another top network is Twitter. The socially helps people build relationships with companies. There are over 500 companies that have twitter accounts. They get most of their feedback from people who respond through social networks than they do in person because some people say more stuff through via internet than they do in person. Facebook gives people the opportunity to keep relationships with friends and family. Facebook allows there users to post things on a timeline giving your friends and family a chance to stay updated with what’s going on in your life. This social network helps keep relationships strong because people can feel apart of what’s new in your life by just viewing your page.

Electronic Email

Electronic email has some pros and cons to relationships. Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Communication states that, “Electronic communication benefits people across the world by lending to them, the privilege to share televised pictures, conversations, graphics, circuits, and interactive software.” People can build memories from electronic email. This is because your messages can be stored on a disk or tapes for many years or you can have the choice in printing them out. That way you can look back on old conversations. The type of CMC also helps relationships with students and teachers. A professor can send an email to their students and within seconds the students can read it anytime and anywhere.


SMS plays a big role in romantic relationships. Couples Who Text Too Much Aren’t As In Love As They Want You To Think states that, “82% of young couples txt the person their in a relationship with multiple times through out the day. The main point that this article makes is that your relationship can have high quality by sending a lot of loving messages. When conflict arises the best method would be not to use messaging but to communicate face to face. Women are known to be the ones who send more messages, but when a male sends a lot of messages is makes relationships strong as well. So next time think about that when having an sms conversation.


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